Yoga for Trauma 

Yoga opens us up to feel every sensation of our bodies. Trauma is thought of as a historical experience, but it sticks with us every day. Yoga is a safe way for people to befriend their bodies, where the trauma of the past is stored.

  • Establishing an emotional connection in a small group setting is an important aspect of our yoga labs. There’s a likelihood that doing yoga in groups may activate the mirror neuron system of the brain, which is a system damaged by trauma, so practicing yoga and meditation in groups might give people a deeper sense of belonging.

  • Breathwork is navigated in a specialized way for trauma survivors. Trauma survivors may experience shallow breath or breath body linkages that are inconsistent. With this in mind, breathing is not the focus of the practice, rather it is a means of feeling safe and stable.

  • Altering brain patterns and response in an individual who has been through trauma is an important aspect of this yoga practice. A trauma-sensitive yoga practice can increase connection with the breath, enabling the brain to become less aroused, and relaxation to begin. Yoga can rebuild connections with both the insula and prefrontal cortex, strengthening the mind-body connection.

  • Self love is promoted through the practice while allowing yourself the opportunity to listen to the body. With many paths to self love, yoga is customized to allow you personalized acceptance and satisfaction.

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