Workshops & Classes


Mindful Mama Food Allergy Workshop

This workshop will empower you to manage food allergies in your family with confidence. We will review meal plan strategies, learn recipes, and discuss tips & tricks with clinical nutritionist Koren Bradshaw, MS, CLC. Goodies will be provided and you’ll leave


Deepen Your Relationship - Couples Edition

Seeking the tools and knowledge to have a long lasting connection? Come learn how to balance busy schedules, resolve conflicts, find joy & intimacy. Learn strategies to nurture vulnerability and communication to help your relationship thrive no matter what stage of love you are in.


The Power of Touch - Couples Massage Class

In this high tech, low touch world we all need to learn how to slow down and really appreciate our life partner. Let us show you and your partner all the acupressure points that our practitioners use to help relieve shoulder, back pain and tightness. You and your partner will work on each other!


Group Acupuncture

These sessions are a discreet way to restore balance in your life. You can see improvements in stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors such as smoking and other addictions. This practice combines methods from ancient Chinese medicine with modern day neurology and is a great way to relax.

Endometriosis Support

Our support group is offered to all woman who have been impacted by Endometriosis. Join together with women who can share their real life experiences. Also join us to learn more about natural choices for managing Endometriosis.

Spring Cleanse

Gain energy, lose weight and sleep better. Rid your body of toxins that slow you down with this cleanse, adding the proper nutrients with our supplements and shakes, helping you gain energy and strengthening your immune system. Our program is supervised medical detoxification by Dr. Cynthia Anderson.

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