Corporate Wellness Solutions

SELSS Corporate Care Program focuses on a theory of change to allow employer and employees to develop a unique and positive corporate environment. The identity established within the company creates a network for day-to-day decisions within the organization and throughout the network of leaders. The Corporate Care blueprint has provided a framework for leadership decisions to be focused on wellness initiatives. 

Engaging employees in their own health allows them to manage persistent, toxic stress including, but not limited to, long work hours, seeking to find a work and life balance, managing motherhood during an important professional time, weight management, nutritional awareness, and coping with emotional imbalances such as depression and addictions.  

Employees avoid Big Business Burnout ™  by conceptualizing intellectual skills to comprehend, anticipate, and deal effectively with the challenges in one’s own department and larger organization. 

A move towards progressive and experienced based wellness learning allows employees to not only gather wellness information, but to also participate in education based programming, group fitness classes, mindfulness practices, as well as a variety of supportive services that encourage team building initiatives. 

The Corporate Care Program is a comprehensive way for companies to provide wellness services and education. 

Corporate Care is designed to meet the needs of your unique employers and company. The SELSS services offered are an extension of our offered therapies, and are made available to clients and businesses outside the center. Based off of research from neuroscience and organizational psychology, SELSS is committed to promoting a positive culture at your work place.