Thyme Tea Protocol for Colds and Flus

Here is an inexpensive way to help yourself and your family during cold and flu season. This is a great tea that I devised many years ago and have recommended it to all my patients and family.


You will need:

·       Dried thyme

·       Honey

·       Fresh lemon

·       Cayenne



1)    Take about a 1/8th of a teaspoon of dried thyme and let it steep for about 10-15 minutes in 2 cups of hot boiled water. After steeping, strain off the thyme and put the water into a mug

2)    Add a pinch of cayenne pepper, about a tablespoon of honey and the juice of a lemon

3)    Drink the tea fairly quickly

4)    Go take a hot shower

5)    Dry off quickly (so that the pores of the skin stay "open")

6)    Put on a thick terry cloth robe and get into bed and (hopefully) sweat. Sweating allows the pernicious influence to leave the body via the skin


It is advisable to stay warm, eat lightly, and avoid ALL dairy products (dairy product make more phlegm). This tea can be taken throughout the day as well to help strengthen the body's defenses. Thyme tea has often stopped or shortened the duration of a cold or flu.


Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) principle states that colds and flus are considered an "external pernicious influence" and that such influences can be "released" by the body from the inside out by sweating them out.


External invading forces like cold, heat, or dampness can create an illness or a "disharmony." If the body is already weak, the pernicious influence can overpower the body’s natural protection against disease. A cold or flu, which might be initially mild could then migrate deeper into the body and become more serious, this happens, according to TCM, when the external pernicious influences (cold and flus, etc.) overpower the body’s natural protection against disease. This treatment is one of many herbal and nutritional protocols, based on Chinese medical principles, which are easy and inexpensive to use.



Jody Eisemann L.Ac.

P.S. Other options are cupping, moxa treatments, and acupuncture, give us a call to discussed a personalized quick and easy treatment plan for you. We can help you get rid of a lingering cough or other cold and flu like symptoms. Call us at (203) 254 - 2633.