Can toxic overload stall your weight-loss?

So many of our toxins accumulate, overwhelming our bodies defenses. When the liver gets sluggish this impedes normal metabolism including fluid retention, puffiness and bloat. By reducing or eliminating what creates toxic overload and giving the body the nutrients it needs we can help eliminate chronic inflammation. By eliminating food sensitivities we can help to strengthen the gut.

Time to load up on the cruciferous veggies, berries galore, garlic and spices to help speed things up.

Have you been wanting to make some changes and looking for some professional and personal support?

We started off the beginning of the spring cleanse series. Everyone in the group had their own insights into how the cleanse helped them. Feeling clearer, with improved focus was one example. The idea of the cleanse was not to lose weight but all of us did. Moving forward with healthier eating habits and less sugar cravings was a general theme. Were we going to go back to old habits? Likely, but maybe not quite the same as before. One participant pointed out, his goal was to have smaller portions. Another plans to have healthy protein shakes every morning.  I’m proud of all of us. None of us had to do this for our health, it is not an easy task to change what you are doing daily, but we did it and are the better for making this commitment to ourselves.  

It’s easy to fall out of sync, exercise too little, lose touch with yourself, work too much, lose touch with yourself, or over-indulge. In just a few short weeks of releasing toxins, science based nutrition you will experience the trans-formative power of nutrient dense whole foods. Let me bring my 25+ years of naturopathic experience with no fads, no gimmicks, no BS!


Dr. Cindy

ND, RN & Midwife

How Milk Thistle Can Help Your Spring Cleanse

Currently I, and my group of yearly spring cleansers are entering our second week of “detoxing”.

The benefits of our cleanse are already observed with some weight loss, some clarity, less headaches. I’m quite proud of one of our members who has cut her large dunk’in coffee down to a tiny cup.

There are so many ways to cleanse your body of the toxins that are ubiquitous in our world. Silybum Marianum  commonly known as milk thistle is one herb you will usually find it in any cleanse product that you purchase.

Milk Thistle has been utilized for multiple ailments but the one it is best known for is to help the liver detoxify. It has antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory components.

I have prescribed it frequently and have seen it, along with other measures, improve liver function tests.

It is considered safe with minimal side effects. It can actually lower blood sugar, so if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia you want to make sure you are aware of this possibility. If you have a ragweed allergy you may also react to Milk Thistle.

Milk thistle also has positive estrogenic effects, and may act like a phytoestrogen which means that it can hop onto the estrogen receptor sites it may help decrease your chances of breast cancer and also may help maintain healthy bones. However, you may read about warnings not to ingest if you have or are at risk for breast cancer. The jury appears to be out about whether or not Milk Thistle helps or hurts someone with hormone-sensitive cancers. Always discuss with your healthcare practitioner before starting any supplement if you do have a medical condition.

Interested in joining our next Spring Cleanse Group? Give us a call at 203-254-2633. We plan to start on Saturday the 27th at 2pm with a follow-up on May 4th and May 11th.


Dr. Cindy

ND, RN & Midwife