Does CBD Oil Interact With Other Medications?

CBD oil is everywhere. You can find it on the internet, at the local health food store, it may be recommended to take by your Doctor, whether a primary care practitioner, a psychiatrist or an oncologist.

While I have seem remarkable positive results with CBD oil, it can have significant interactions with certain medications, and this all can vary depending upon each person.

Most of you have heard that you shouldn’t have grapefruit juice with certain medications; but most do not know the reason why this is of concern.

Our bodies have an enzyme system called cytochrome P450.  This system helps certain drugs break down, while grapefruit as well as CBD oil along with other supplements and drugs can block cytochrome P-450 from working fully. To complicate this subject more, this enzyme/system varies from person to person.

So what does that mean to you?  It could possibly mean an overload of certain medication, which could potentially create toxicity for your body.  On the positive side it could mean that you may require less medication.

Let’s add another issue; for some drugs, Grapefruit juice and CBD oil ingestion may have the opposite effect in that the drug needs to be broken down in order to create the active component. In these cases, you may be receiving an insufficient amount of your medication to be effective.

So what do you do?  If you are on any medication you should  check with your pharmacist and a healthcare provider to see if CBD oil is safe for you to take.  


Dr. Cindy

ND, RN & Midwife

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