Is Cupping Right for You?

Cupping therapy became a hot “trend” after the 2016 Olympics where we saw athletes rocking round “bruises” all over their bodies - but a few years later it’s still a big thing and you’re probably wondering what it is and if it works? Don’t worry we got you covered!

First things first, cupping has been around FOREVER! Okay maybe not forever … but close.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its 3,000 year old wisdom uses cupping therapy to overcome a cold or flu, phlegmy sinus infections, and coughs, quickly and efficiently, often preventing upper respiratory tract illness from progressing into bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, and more.

It is believed that the suction on the upper back from cupping moves the slow stagnate circulation of blood, oxygen, interstitial fluid, and Qi, the body’s energetic system, especially when dealing with phlegm. Cupping is often excellent in breaking up phlegm and congestion in the lungs, which will allow the person to cough it out.

By creating this restorative movement, the body can then repair itself because cupping restores the proper flow in the body’s systems thereby allowing energy to return once the blockages are removed.

Post-cupping, many people report an almost immediate disappearance of a runny nose, cough, headaches, soreness, and feeling stiff, remarkably, the patient no longer feels like they are coming down with something. Even when the person has actually come down with a cold or flu, cupping can often shorten the course of illness and prevent lingering symptoms.

If there is serious stagnation you will most likely be left with cup marks on your back, these are NOT bruises, and they typically fade in less than a week but on the bright side you’ll feel much better :)

Hope this helps demystify cupping!

-Jody Eisemann L.Ac.

Do you think cupping might be right for you? It is a super quick and easy, pain free way to alleviate your cold & flu symptoms. Lucky for you this month, during cold & flu season, at Sabita Holistic Center we are offering half hour cupping sessions with Licensed Acupuncturist Jody Eisemann for $75.

It is important to note cupping is not right for everyone. Very young children and people on blood thinners or who have clotting disorders should chose some of the many other tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine like acupuncture, herbs, heat, massages, and more to deal with their colds and flus. Additionally if you are on multiple medications, you should let the practitioner know before being treated.

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