Our Women's Empowerment Superhero

We are all about Women's Wellness for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Uterisa is here to remind us how strong the woman's body is!



Who is Uterisa? 

Uterisa was created to represent a woman who knows how to fight the physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles that come with her gender. 

Exploring topics of wellness and self-care, Uterisa is able to reflect upon the power inside her body and teach women and girls of all ages how to use their unique strengths. 

The story of Uterisa is designed to be shared among women to bring us together, and remind us to put our health and self-love before anything else. She discusses the anatomical and hormonal influences that are part of womanhood, and allows us to embrace it all. Learn how bets to fight your "enemies" like painful periods, endometriosis, emotional imbalances, and fertility issues with Uterisa. 

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