Social Emotional Support
We work with educators and students to customize and deliver integrative approaches that enable high intellectual performances. Learning materials provide an overview of the role of mindfulness in education, healthcare and other community building roles, drawing on both the modern scientific evidence-basis wisdom. Experiential practice cultivates a deeper self-practice and awareness in group or one-on-one settings.

Call or email to learn more about our on site and online workshops! Topics include Yoga and Mindfulness, Introduction to Mindfulness for parents, Introduction to Mindfulness for kids, and Social Emotional Wellness. 

Group Rates on Lesson Plans & App Access for Schools and Organizations  - coming soon!!

Social Emotional Support can be used for the purpose of allowing educators to have a better handle on the health of their students. It provides the user with features to understand how to encourage kindness, self acceptance, and personal growth. There are outlines of lesson plans, as well as video tutorials for yoga and meditation that can benefit children of all ages and learning styles. This is a great asset for families! 

The features of this app also allow educators and parents to have a grasp on their own personal wellness. This app provides them with easy ideas to balance their lives. Exclusive access to self care methods and wellness tips will help teachers and parents stay organized and focused during the day. 

You need great self care to be a great caretaker!