Why SHC?

Employees avoid Big Business Burnout ™ by conceptualizing intellectual skills to comprehend, anticipate, and deal effectively with the challenges in one’s own department and larger organization.

Free meditation session with Frank Basler is included with the purchase of three or more monthly service subscriptions.

SHC Wellness Services include continued online support; customized newsletters for your organization, exclusive access to corporate features of our Wellness App, email blasts and reminders, implementation of team challenges, reward programs, and progress reports.

Employees receive a discount on services at SHC!

And company decision makers are eligible for loyalty points!

Wellness programming and involvement is designed to encourage healthy behavior in the workplace and beyond. Our plan is convenient, cost-effective and flexible to the demands of your company.

*Extra discounts are applied for commitment to multiple sessions

 Chair Massage

According to the International Journal of Neuroscience, 15-minute chair massage results in decreased job stress, increased

alertness and increased speed and accuracy.

Regular participation leads to improved performance and focus.

Trust the professional team of SHC’s licensed and insured massage therapists.

The SHC Chair Massage experience includes personalized suggestions to employees for in office health behavior. Discounts for employees who chose to visit the center. Online continued support via newsletters and wellness app.

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Lunch and Learn - Adrenal Fatigue

Not sleeping well? Scattered thoughts?

Adrenal fatigue is caused by the inability of your adrenal glands to cope with stress. But to really understand your condition you need to know how your adrenal glands have reached this point.   

Have lunch with Dr. Cindy and learn how to realistically manage habits both at work and home to reach your personal optimal health.

In this Lunch and Learn, Dr. Cindy Anderson, RN, ND will share her background on using natural methods to reach your personal optimal health.

Includes 45 minutes with our health expert, and take home informational material for employees.

Engage and Educate for increased accountability!

Learn about Brain Health, Adrenal Fatigue, Neuroscience of Sleep, Weight Management, Health Behavior and Accountability, and more!

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Auricular Acupuncture

These sessions are led by our licensed acupuncturist professionals with over 20 years of experience. Only a 30 minute session, this experience is a way to reduce stress.

During the session, individuals are seated comfortably in a chair and needles are used on five different points of the ear.  This practice combines methods from traditional medicine with modern day neurology.

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Corporate Yoga

Yoga for Hypertension

Practicing yoga allows individuals to alter their underlying thought patterns and emotional stressors that contribute to health conditions such as hypertension. Yoga lowers blood pressure in those who have mild to moderate hypertension.

Brain Health Yoga

Yoga bestows mental benefits, such as a calmer, more relaxed mind. Learn necessary components needed to  alter the way your brain works, with a simple yoga practice. Breath and movement in yoga actually rewires the brain.

Series include yoga for stress, weight loss, hypertension, back pain, and more!

Build confidence, resiliency, and rigor!

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