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Self-Care for New Moms - Led buy Susie Basler MS, LMSW

Join Others in honest conversation about the challenges and adjustments new moms face.  We will:

Discuss Coping Strategies

Mood Management

Self Care

Relationship Changes 

Work Life Balance

Workshop Details  

Sessions are on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM  - 11:00AM - Pre-Crawlers Welcome 

Space is limited please RSVP by 11/7

Session dates are:  11/8, 11/15 &  11/22

Group members are empathetic and understanding of one another.  They are working on the following common issues: developing healthier intimate relationships; improving the capacity to express feelings authentically; increasing assertiveness; reducing shame; reducing social anxiety; increasing self awareness.  

The group will meet for three sessions.  We are offering a special intro rate of $25 per session.  

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