“I refer to Dr. Anderson as my wellness doctor, I came to her with a mired of health problems and aches and pains. My cholesterol has dropped 60 points.” - Paula

Dr. Cynthia Anderson known by her patients as Dr. Cindy.  She brings more than 25 years experience and skills working as a Doctor, Nurse and Midwife. She has volunteered and supervised in St. Lucia, West Indies and Thailand as a Midwife. She’s also done development work in Cambodia developing the national birth-spacing program. Dr. Cindy loves teaching and has been a professor at the University of Minnesota and currently at the University of Bridgeport. She is currently in private practice at Sabita Holistic Center where she truly loves working with her clients one-on-one. Recently she presented at the National Midwifery Convention on Natural options for menopause. She is also certified in WIlson's Temperature Syndrome and works with subclinical hypothyroidism. 

Dr. Cindy loves helping women incorporate natural way to decrease anxiety and depression, fertility concerns, a healthy transition during menopause, healthy weight management, identifying and treating gluten sensitivity and helping women prevent and recover from breast cancer.  She has also worked with adolescents in a school clinic setting, as a psychiatric nurse and in her private practice at SHC.  

What to Expect
A longer appointment than you may be used to, as it is an evaluation of who you are and what you may need.  Laboratory testing may be ordered to obtain more information. Dr. Cindy uses medicines such as food, homeopathy, botanical medicines, and exercises to help you return to your optimal health. Being a specialist in Naturopathic medicine, Dr. Anderson considers herself a generalist in practice. Any health concern is welcome.

Today, more people are aware of the healing effects of good nutrition, physical fitness, the role of stress in our lives, as well as the mind body connection. Naurtopathic Evaluations allow you to be understood as a biochemical being. Dr. Cindy views the scientific aspect of what is naturally in your body and explains to you how best to enhance and work with natural chemicals. As a naturopath, Dr. Cindy has extensive training in medical sciences as well as in natural therapies, medicine, and safe procedures.  
Individualized treatment is the overall goal of a nautropath. Personal optimal health is achieved by a holistic approach towards your care. 

*Feel free to schedule a complementary 15 minute consultation.  Please be advised it is the patient's responsibility to check with their insurances to see if they have out of network coverage, and find out about HSA plans.


“With her knowledge a skin condition that left alone would have only gotten worse is actually reversing itself without medication or invasive treatment.” -Jen

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