"The people we most admire—the great achievers, the geniuses—are those who are passionate about their purpose, excellent at their craft, and who demonstrate that life offers unlimited possibilities. Adam Moore is just such a person.” Susan L. Taylor, Editorial Director Emeritus, ESSENCE Magazine.

Adam Moore’s  primary role is that of a personal development and life management coach. He draws upon a span of related and complementary professional skills and trainings including:

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified Professional and Conversational Hypnotist, certified Post-Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Master Trainer.
Adam sees clients  in New York City, Chicago and Southport, CT.  Adam was recognized as “One of the 99 Individuals to Watch” by Time Out New York Magazine. Since then, Adam has continued to be on the watch list for innovation in the area of personal development. For almost 20 years Adam has helped thousands of people understand how they are getting in their own way by falling victim to their personal blind spots—unconscious belief systems that lead to self-defeating behaviors. Using a suite of unique tools and techniques Adam teaches individuals and groups how to overcome their self-limiting behaviors and instead find and hold on to their best selves.

Adam is also an avid writer, a seasoned workshop and seminar facilitator and a regular advisor to the media on leading edge personal change techniques and technologies. One recently completed project includes a study on how exercise increases brain derived neurotrophic factor enzymes in children leading to increased learning capability in the classroom.

Currently Adam is working on a project with Memorial Sloan Kettering which is examining hypnosis as a tool for pain management in young adult cancer patients. Moore’s experience has allowed him to work extensively with many leading companies and organizations looking to create a more innovative and effective wellness solution for their employees and staff (Nielsen Media, Chase Bank, Royal Caribbean, and Time Inc. to name a few).

Moore piloted a program at Equinox Health Clubs, their first mind-body wellness department for their flagship  New York City’s Upper Eastside. As part of the program members received comprehensive wellness plans ranging from fitness to nutrition, along with coaching and hypnosis support to ensure greater effectivity. During its two-year run the department saw over 250 participants and boasted an 87% success rate of personal goals met.

In 2016 Adam launched The Method—an integrated multi module system, that allows participants to create their own customized personal development and growth technique, map and workbook. This tool when used independently or collaboratively offers a comprehensive customized approach. As a result participants make more significant, quicker and longer lasting positive advances in their personal and professional lives.


How does this work? 

Adam will be using guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness.  In this naturally occurring state, you may focus your attention on a specific thought or task.  This will be helpful for either suggestion therapy, helping you to change perceptions and sensations.

Adam specializes in the following:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Loose Weight

Feel Confident

Sleep Soundly

Improve Concentration

Learn to Set and Reach Goals

Control Anger

Eliminate Negative, Self Limiting Beliefs

Stop Being a Victim of Bullying

Quit Smoking

Reduce Anxiety

Check out the details for Adam's December 14 Hypno-Meditation Workshop  below: