A Better Way to 'Slay It':                                                                                                                                          Self-Care for the Busy Woman

Join us as we roll out our you-inspired, content-rich & highly credentialed 8-week course in self-care mastery. 

Lesson 1:  Self-Care begins with an Attitude of Gratitude: Sabita Kanhai  BA, Communications, LMT, HHC,  AADP

Lesson 2:  Feeling Hormotional?: Doctor Cindy Anderson ND, RN, NM,  Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lesson 3:  Astrology: Nature's Planning Tool: Dallas Kalmar BA in Journalism, AAS , Philosophy in Religious Studies

Lesson 4:   Jin Shin Jytusu & its Many Benefits: Fiona Varker  LMT, AMA, NCMT

Lesson 5:  Chinese Medicine for Menopause & Beyond: Jody Eisemann L.Ac, NNCAOM

Lesson 6:  Self-Care for Better Sleep: Ingrid Prueher Sleep Expert

Lesson 7:  Whole-istic Heart Health: Doctor Cindy Anderson ND, RN, NM, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Lesson 8:  Nurture Yourself,  Nurture Your Business: Trevor Crow  LMFT, MBA, EFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor.

Total Cost for this 8-week course is $290 (over a $1600 value)

Includes one 30-minute session with the practitioner/facilitator of your choice*

*Some exclusions may apply

Sabita Holistic Center

"Self-Care is always needed; long before you feel depleted."